Fresh-key Bluetooth data logger: Let’s meet up in Asia Fruit Logistica

Fresh-key    Fresh-key Bluetooth data logger: Let’s meet up in Asia Fruit Logistica

Asia Fruit Logistica and Asia fruit Congress go ahead in September as planned, majority of fruits industry brands will attend the show and exchange more and more ideas about the market trends and experience.

How to do the quality control of fruits during supply chain management? Temperature is the key of fresh.

Fresh-key™ provides specialized data loggers and real time IOT solutions for monitoring the fruit supply chain globally, users can track and share the temperature, humidity, location data online, anytime and anywhere.




This time we bring you a new product -Fresh-key BT bluetooth data logger. It’s especially designed for temperature/humidity monitoring during the cold supply chain. One button to start the logger, and user can read the data via our Fresh-eye APP, and upload the data to our Fresh-IOT online platform for further analysis.




•  Import sensor, ±0.5℃ temperature accuracy

• Reading data by APP via bluetooth, simple operation

• Uploading data to platform via App, comprehensive analysis.

• Extra PDF data downloading via USB connector, easy to use


Fresh-key BT bluetooth data logger, makes your fresh supply chain more visible, more efficient and more convenient!


  We are looking for forward to meeting you in AFL show!  



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