Fresh-key develops smart APP "Fresh-eye"

Fresh-key    Fresh-key develops smart APP "Fresh-eye"

Fresh-key™ Technology is launching a smart mobile APP "Fresh-eye", to track the temperature, humidity, light and location data real-timely, simple operation and efficient coordination. As Tina Sun from Fresh-key mentioned: "Through Fresh-eye you have eyes on your fruits anytime, anywhere!"




Based on the features of mobile phones, Fresh-eye is innovatively developed with six functions for simple operation and efficient coordination:

●Scan : Scan the QR code to download the APP, or open the H5 website /WeChat program. And scan the GS1 code and device ID by APP, to upload the commodity and device information immediately.

●Camera : Take and upload the photos to related shipments easily.

●Tracker : Real-time tracking temperature, humidity, light, location data during transit. The user can easily download the comprehensive data chart and detailed data. Only for Fresh-key sensors and data loggers.

●Alert : User could set the proper temperature or humidity range by APP, once the alarm triggered, and user would receive the alert immediately by APP, SMS and Email.

●Smart-Link : Fresh-eye could link to the social software, such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, SMS, phone calls, QQ ,LINE, for better communication and sharing.

●Geo- fence : Location routs and in-time reminders for specific cities.




Fresh-key™ Technology is specialized in designing the IoT solutions for temperature, humidity and location monitoring during the global fruit supply chain. "With our devices you can control the quality of fruits and reduce the losses effectively. Users can track the data of the temperature, humidity and locations from the plantation base for packing houses, international shipments or import distribution - all the way to the supermarket shelves. In other words from “farm to fork”! 




Fresh-key team will attend the Fruit Logistica 2020 as an exhibitor in Berlin, and we are looking forward to meeting you at our stand Hall 26 / B-17! 




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2020/01/13 13:38
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