"The market has higher requirements for temperature and humidity logger products"

Fresh-key    "The market has higher requirements for temperature and humidity logger products"


"We are about to launch the Fresh-eye Mobile Smart APP and promote it globally. The APP mainly manages the temperature control equipment by connecting to the Internet. Whether it is a disposable USB temperature logger, bluetooth temperature logger or real-time temperature and humidity data logger, it can input information with one key. Compared with the products launched in the early stage, this product is more close to the user's operation, user does not need to stay by the computer. As long as the mobile phone downloads the app, whether it is the importer, exporter or carrier, it can achieve timely communication and data sharing of transportation, equipment and cargo information, so as to ensure the safety of goods and data. It is user-friendly and easy to operate." This is according to Myra from Fresh-key (Shanghai) technology Co., Ltd during an interview with Freshplaza.




"For most of the PC monitoring platforms on the market, Fresh eye is more convenient for users to operate on site, and it can easily realize the functions that cannot be realized by the computer. Our customers are mainly fruits and vegetables, seafood importers and exporters, pharmaceutical producers and exporters, logistics companies and packaging service providers, and the customer group is mainly distributed overseas. In the past two years, we have actively expanded the domestic market, aiming to become a major brand in the Chinese market. But our goal is to reach the global market, and overseas customers still account for a large proportion of the company's business. "




"At the Berlin Fruit Logistica held in February, we noticed that the demand trend of temperature monitoring systems or loggers in the fruit and vegetable industry is mainly developing in two directions In terms of software:a data tracking platform with higher timeliness and more perfect functions, and a mobile app with simple collaboration and high efficiency. In terms of hardware: increase sensors to obtain more environmental data to better control and evaluate the quality of fruits and vegetables, such as gas, soil, pulp and other data. "




”To follow these two major demand trends, we now have a more punctual online platform for data tracking and analysis, and a Fresh-eye Mobile Smart APP to facilitate on-site information access, to upload and share information and to contact relevant personnel. In terms of hardware, we will add gas, soil and other sensors in addition to the temperature and humidity positioning light sensor logger to meet the market demand for more diversified data. "

"Fresh-key's aim is to develop and optimize our products and systems based on customer requirements, so the design of products and systems focus on data security and easy operation. We hope to provide complete supply chain data services to customers in the fruit and vegetable industry as much as possible. Most of our competitors' systems will cover as many industries as possible, and our design concept is more specific to the needs of this industry, providing more professional, more complete and more convenient products and services. "



Author:  Shiyan Sun 
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2020/03/13 17:14
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