Fresh-key    FRESH-KEY BT


Disposable Bluetooth and USB temperature data logger



The new generation of USB temperature data logger fresh-key BT, now with Bluetooth equipped.
It will work as a normaly USB temperature data logger, and is possible to connect with the Hive App. You can now access to multple devices at the same time even from inside of containers.



Logger type :     Single-Use/Disposable

Logging duration :     90 days maximum

Logging Interval :     Customizable in App

Temperature range :     -30°C~ +70°C

Temperature accuracy :     ±0.5°C

Temperature resolution :     0.01°C/°F

Shelf life :     1 year

Data capacity :     10,000 readings

Report type :     Direct PDF, Fresh-IOT

Calibration :     Nvlap NIST Traceable

Certification :     CE, Fcc, Rohs

Protection :     IP67